Private and group riding lessons are available in multiple disciplines including: in hand, hunt seat, western, jumping, and gaming.  Instruction is available to riders with all levels of experience, age 5 and older.

Private instruction allows for a deeply individualized lesson to be developed and implemented based on the riders experience, abilities and goals.  Instructional plans will always include horse care and awareness along with riding instruction.
$50 per 60 minute session (R2R Horse provided, $45/session with student horse)

Group lessons enhance the socialization of our horses and riders, building an ever important sense of community and belonging. Group lessons allow students to learn from each other as well as from the instructor. The low student / teacher ratio allows for each rider's individual strengths and talents to be focused on and shared with a small group while allowing the instructor adequate time to provide individualized attention to the areas of focus for each rider. 
$35 per 60 minute session (R2R Horse provided, $30/session with student horse)

SHORT STIRRUPS (ages 7 and under)

Pony rides offered for our youngest riders. Great way to introduce horses and have riders work on balance and comfort. 

$35 for 30 minutes session. 




Our Summer Day Camp programs are for those who are ready to go Horse Crazy!
These 5 day programs cover horse care and awareness, riding and socialization ideal for riders of all levels.  See camp specific information in the Events Tab.

$275 per Camper per Spring session
$375 per Camper per Summer session


The Ready to Ride horse training program starts by evaluating your horse, discussing your goals and then developing and implementing a plan to reach and exceed your expectations for your horse.

In addition to work in the saddle, our horse training includes ground manners, clipping, bathing, tying, hauling, sacking out, exposure to environmental factors, and schooling shows (if desired).

FULL TIME TRAINING (5 days per week)
$400 per month + Board ($450)

PART TIME TRAINING (3 days per week)
$300 per month + Board ($450)

$450 per month + Board ($450)

$35 per ride


You can rest assured that entering a lease or making a purchase of a Ready to Ride horse is a wise one! 

INTR0 LEASE : $225/ month for 3 months max then must move up to another lease option Our intro lease is a great way to get your feet wet and have some extra time in the saddle. It offers one group lesson and one leisure ride per week with all tack included. 

JUST HORSIN' AROUND: $320/ month includes 2 leisure rides a week and a group lesson. All tack is included and riders are able to take horses to single day schooling and fun shows. 

SHOW READY: $370/month includes 3 leisure rides a week and a group lesson. All tack in included and riders are able to use the horse for 4-H and take to other competitions. 

HORSE CRAZY LEASE: $525/ month includes 7 day a week access to horse, one group riding lesson per week, ability to take to shows and overnight events, all tack is included. 

We currently have horses available for partial leases. Please inquire for which ones are available! 

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